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Updated: 23/09/2019 | Listed: 25/09/2018

Afristick Packaging Professionals

Packaging Manufacturers and Distributors

100.0% Recommended 1 Votes


Updated: 13/07/2019 | Listed: 21/11/2017

Codchem Plastics

Manufacturers Of Flexible Packaging: Plain & Printed Plastics, Carrier Bags, Black Sheeting, Bin Liners, Freezit Tubing, Shrink Wrap, Plain & Printed Autopack.

75.0% Recommended 4 Votes


Updated: 18/03/2020 | Listed: 02/05/2018

Polar Plastics

Plastic Manufacturers Specialising in Rigid Plastic Packaging

100.0% Recommended 4 Votes


Updated: 08/04/2019 | Listed: 22/04/2016

Multiple Star Plastic Packaging

Plain and Printed Plastic Packaging, Carrier Bags, Black Sheeting, Bin Liners, Clear Tubing and Shrink Wrap

100.0% Recommended 1 Votes

Updated: 13/07/2019 | Listed: 25/07/2012

101 Plastics Pvt Ltd.

Manufacturers of Flexible Packaging Plain and Printed

37.5% Recommended 8 Votes

Updated: 23/07/2019 | Listed: 26/07/2012

Carnaud Metalbox Zimbabwe

A Namepak Limited Company. Metal and Plastic Packaging

50.0% Recommended 16 Votes

Updated: 22/03/2019 | Listed: 05/11/2015

Cater Pack

Suppliers of foam trays, plastic packaging, butchery and catering equipment, sprinkles, spices and spice blends, glass Jars.

100.0% Recommended 2 Votes

Updated: 10/07/2019 | Listed: 04/06/2018

Imperial Plastics

Manufacturers of Plastic Packaging Products, Quality Packaging, Innovative Products and Customised Solutions

100.0% Recommended 1 Votes

Updated: 24/07/2019 | Listed: 19/11/2012


Packaging Innovators

30.8% Recommended 13 Votes

Updated: 13/07/2019 | Listed: 07/01/2014

Plasmate Distributors

Supplier of flexible plastic packaging, disposable take away cointaners

38.9% Recommended 18 Votes

Updated: 22/11/2018 | Listed: 08/02/2018

Real Plastics

Manufacturers of Flexible Plastic Packaging. Shrink wrap, Pallet Wrap, Black sheeting, Clear sheeting, Bailer Bags, Printed Bags, Carrier Bags, Refuse Bags, Bin liners

100.0% Recommended 5 Votes

Updated: 23/10/2017 | Listed: 29/07/2012

Token Packaging

Plastic and Polywoven Packaging

50.0% Recommended 12 Votes

Updated: 22/06/2020 | Listed: 02/07/2013

Ultimate Diary

Complete integrated provider of quality print, packaging and design solutions for all businesses. The Ultimate Diary provides useful sources of information to help facilitate your needs in Zimbabwe.

61.1% Recommended 18 Votes

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